L.J. - WTF?

O.K., so things are picking up, and I'm trying to use this journal a bit more, ya know? One of the things I've been trying is to get the "school" thing updated so that it will reflect my attending the Professional Bartending School ... I mean, come on ... it has 10 locations (5 in the Chicago area, 2 in NY/NJ and 3 in California), been in business for 55 years, graduated thousands of bartenders ... but I've submitted the info into the L.J. "schools" thing two or three times now and it never shows up! What's up with that?

The only thing I can think of is that Six Apart has decided that LiveJournal is their "kiddie brand" and they don't want Bad Influences like a bartending school on their list. This does NOT make me happy. And you know you don't want to have an unhappy bartender.

- the barkeep

Here's a story for ya ...

Yeah, I'm still looking for that "real job", but in the meanwhile I'm doing temp placement gigs. Most of 'em have been pretty uneventful, but I did this wedding last weekend and I have one thing to relate.

Ya know, this business has gotten complicated with all the damn busy-body do-gooder types passing this law and that regulation and some other sort of crap, and there are all sorts of "stuff you shouldn't do" to keep up your state certification. Hell, you're not supposed to serve somebody more than one drink at a time these days, and God help you if somebody you served got into a car crash on the way home!

Anyway, there I was, running one of two bars at this wedding at the hotel that's been using me, and things were going just great until the Father of the Groom gets there. I got the feeling that if I would have given him an iced bottle of Tanqueray and a straw he'd have been happy. I've been instructed that at that hotel they "don't do doubles", but this guy was wanting Gin on the rocks, and I'd do one shot, two shots, and he'd still be pissed and wouldn't take the drink until I'd toppped it off.

I mean, c'mon, what the hell am I supposed to do? This is my first "event" thing and I don't want to get into fisticuffs with the Groom's father! I tried to explain the details, but the more I explained the bigger an asshole he got. Frankly, I would have been within my legal rights to have cut him off right then and there, but I figured that would have gotten me fired both from that gig and from the temp agency.

This shithead made a point of coming back to my station and getting a wineglass with four ounces of gin (on the rocks, mind you) several times ... I just hope he had a room in the hotel to go pass out in. He had at least 12oz of Gin that I knew of, and who knows if he was hitting the other bar as well!

Back when I was drinking (and it's coming up on my 21st anniversary of sobriety), there were NONE of these "rules", but "officialy speaking" I'm not supposed to serve more than one ounce of booze per hour per patron ... and you can imagine how popular that would be if strictly enforced!

Anyway, I hope to have better stories for ya in here eventually, but I needed to bitch about this guy.

- the barkeep

Hey ...

We're not quite ready to open yet ... but we got the new sign up!

Probably not much showing up here until I get a paid gig, ya know?

- the barkeep